What are the benefits of being in the NP3 program?

For Netflix, the benefit is having a roster of partners that have had proper due diligence - including the establishment of a master service agreement, onboarding, vetting, testing and training in Netflix workflows and applications. For the partners, this allows them the opportunity to gain a Netflix "badge" which displays they've been through the process and provides them with a central business point of contact to help provide information, access to engagement opportunities and regular communication.

How does a vendor gain entry into the program?

Please visit Join NP3 where the initial onboarding survey is located.

Can I use vendors that are not in the NP3?

The NP3 program is focused on Netflix-commissioned work in support of Netflix Originals and includes master QC, dubbing, audio description, and creative post services. 

For master QC, dubbing and audio description, this work must be done at approved master NP3 faclilities unless an exception is made by your Netflix contact.

For creative post services, while we would advise strongly on using an NP3 as they have been through proper vetting, testing and training, and engagement, ultimately the decision should continue to remain with the productions and creative teams to decide where a show is posted. The PPI team would like to be notified of any vendor being used that is not an NP3 so that in parallel to your use we can start a vetting process to hopefully include them in the program in the future.

Why isn't a particular vendor in this program?

As the program is very new, it could be that we have not had the opportunity to evaluate the vendor yet. Alternatively, a vendor will not be admitted into the program if they do not meet the minimum set of attributes as defined by the dubbing, master QC and post teams. See Program Rating.

Lastly, entrance into the program is based on the service needs in each region. Although completing the NP3 survey is a required first step when we examine potential partners, it should be noted that priorities are given to existing partners in our ecosystem and evaluations can sometimes take anywhere between 2-4 months.

What is the difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze status?

The Post Partnerships & Integrations (PPI) team has worked with the dubbing, master QC and post teams to create a set of attributes for each type of service. Bronze attributes indicate the minimum set of capabilities that we would expect a vendor in our programs to possess. Silver, and Gold, respectively represent an additional set of attributes that a vendor would need to possess for that status. SeeProgram Rating

What is the difference between the NP3 & NPFP programs?

The focus on the NPFP program is content partner-commissioned licensed content workflows. Primary services of NPFP include project management and content partner onboarding, as well as media processing and conformance. The focus on the NP3 program is Netflix commissioned post production workflows. Primary services of the NP3 program are master QC, dubbing, audio description and creative post (e.g. DI, color grading, editorial, audio mixing).

Do I need to use the Netflix Post Partner Program for licensed originals?

The NP3 program is the preferred route when Netflix is commissioning work for the post-production services included in that program which include master QC, dubbing, and picture/sound finishing.   If Netflix is commissioning for final asset delivery only (e.g. IMF or pro-res delivery), any vendor that has been onboarded/tested for asset delivery can perform that work even if not part of the NP3 program. 

Does the NP3 program support VFX services?

No. VFX is not part of the NP3 program, but there is a dedicated VFX team at Netflix you can talk to. If you are a vendor and would like to be considered for VFX specific work and services, please click on the link provided and complete the form. VFX Vendor Capacity & Availability
For any questions please email the VFX Vendor & Talent team at

Are there other services that NP3
does not support?

Yes. In addition to VFX, NP3 does NOT currently support dailies ONLY facilities. It should be noted though that a partner who attains a Gold level rating as part of the Netflix Post Partner Program for Creative Post, is required to have dailies capabilities.

Other services we currently do not include are:

  • Timed Text & Translation services
  • Equipment & Studio space rentals
  • Content distribution services

For questions please contact

Does being in the NP3 program guarantee work?

No, our vendor programs do not guarantee work.

Do I need to be a NPFP or NP3 to deliver IMF files to Netflix?

To deliver IMF files for branded or non-branded content, you do not need to be in a Netflix vendor/partner program however you do need to go through IMF testing and onboarding.

How do we contact the Post Partner Program team members?

Use this contact form for questions or comments.