VFX Vendor Registration Survey

SUBMIT VFX Vendor Registration Survey

Post Partnerships & Integrations (PPI) is excited to continue building valued partnerships with vendors worldwide and we are excited to announce our PPI VFX Vendor Directory initiative, in collaboration with the Netflix VFX Team. 

Although there is no formal program for VFX at this time, the introduction of our internal PPI VFX Directory will be the first step towards developing a comprehensive VFX Partnership program in the near future.

We have a Netflix VFX Survey available which affords us the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of current and prospective vendors as they relate to the services you provide.  

We understand this survey is long and could require input from others within your company. To help with this, we are including a PDF that you can download for planning your answers prior to submitting the online survey.

Download VFX Survey PDF. Surveys accepted online ONLY. 

This survey is intended for facilities that provide visual effects services only.  

If your facility is interested in being considered for other services such as audio localization, audio description, picture finishing, sound finishing or master quality control, please complete this form here.