Studiopolis, Inc. - Ventura Blvd

Studiopolis is a full-service audio pre-production and post-production facility, that specializes in VO recording and sound design as well as animation and live-action dubbing production. Emmy nominated for sound, casting, and voice direction, Studiopolis can provide creative direction or support for your creative team. Our six VO booths, two foley stages, and three dub stages, provide scheduling flexibility to meet every deadline.

Service Types: Dubbing Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications. Creative Post Sound Rating:Bronze Dubbing Anime & Animation Rating:Silver
Eligible Languages: English (US)
Vendor Tags: animeanimationDubbingsoundenglishcreative PostPost-production
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Jamie Simone
Executive Producer / Owner
818 480 5000

James Lafferty
818 480 5000