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Ak'la Kara Studios (Istanbul, Turkey)

Ak'la Kara Studios

Ak’la Kara Dubbing Studios is the longest standing, privately owned localization facility in Turkey. We’ve been serving numerous local and international clients from the day we were established. We provide Turkish dubbing and subtitling services for TV, OTT platforms, cable, game, and theatrical content as well as advertisement industry. We operate with 9 recording and 12 mixing suites in a stand-alone secured building located in Istanbul. We work with the biggest talent and translator pool with easy and direct access to Star Talents.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold
Eligible Languages: Turkish
Vendor Tags: turkishDubbing
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Savas Ozdural
+90 53 2381 0181

Kerem Kobanbay
+90 53 2516 6517

Masreya Media (Cairo, Egypt)

Masreya Media

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Masreya Media is widely considered to be the leading provider of Arabic localisation. It has extensive experience in dubbing, subtitling, access services, translation, post-production and more, and is also known for pioneering audio description in the Middle East market, as well as creative services. Masreya Media’s impressive ISO 9001 and 17001-certified facility, with 70+ employees, is based in Cairo and includes five recording and 5.1 mixing rooms.

Masreya Media has an unrivaled reputation for reliability, delivering consistent quality and first-class customer service in this challenging region. Even when supplying thousands of minutes of subtitling, over a hundred hours of dubbing and a million words of translation every month, such quality is never compromised. It can customise its workflows according to client needs and is always able to cater for a wide range of requests, including handling complex multi-language projects.

Masreya Media’s high standards have earned it an impressive list of international clients, for whom it works on high-profile content in all genres.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Bronze
Eligible Languages: Arabic
Vendor Tags: ArabicDubbing
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Sherine El Hakim
+44 (0) 798-9475-127 / +(20) 100-6882-250

Adel Lasheen
General Manager
+(20) 100-0076-258

Opus Post Production (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Opus Post Production

Opus is the largest post-production house in Israel. Opus was founded in 1993 and provides video editing, image design, mastering, sound design and restoration services to the biggest clients in the Israeli television and cinema industry.

Opus features two branches with over 100 state-of-the-art video editing suites. Our advanced technological equipment places Opus at the cutting edge of Israel's television and cinema industry.

Service Types: Creative Post Picture Rating:Bronze
IMF SDR Approved: Yes
Vendor Tags: creative PostPost-productionpicture
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Dori Bashan
Vice President

Saran Digital Studios (Istanbul, Turkey)

Saran Digital Studios

Saran Digital Studios (SDS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saran Holding that provides localization, access, and media services to the leading Turkish and International companies since 2000. We provide fully secured services in multi-languages, for various types of theatrical and non-theatrical content. Our offerings include end-to-end tailor-made solutions with an approximate capacity of 720 hours per month in compliance with highest standards.

SDS is a preferred partner of US major Studios, international distributors, broadcasters, and an exclusive localization partner to Turkish Airlines. We are the only post house that holds the greatest majority of total localization operations, generated in territory. 

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold Audio Description Rating:Gold
Eligible Languages: Turkish
Vendor Tags: Dubbingaudio descriptionturkish
Sales Contact:

Burcu Senbakar Doyum
Director of Studios & Production
+90 21 22 79 78 24 Ext. 131

Studio DSE (Istanbul, Turkey)

Studio DSE

Studio DSE is a localization company based in Istanbul, Turkey. With 10+ years of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects in multimedia localizations for all the major TV networks, Digital Platforms and Content Providers all around the World as a team, Studio DSE provides state of the art services for your Dubbing, Subtitling and Sound Creation production needs. We aim to become one-stop localization partner of the audiovisual content providers reaching the Turkish market and beyond.

Recently under the name of ATMOSphere Theater, it's branch of Studio DSE, we have started to provide Arabic Dubbing, Subtitling and Sound Creation services in Beirut/Lebanon. With our office and Business Development Director residing in Bogota/Colombia, we are ready to provide Dubbing, Subtitling and Sound Creation services for Neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese via our highly skilled and experienced partner studios. Besides that, with our custom Cloud-Based Subtitling Platform, we are providing top-notch quality subtitling and CC service with over 20 languages. We know what you want and what you need.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Silver
Eligible Languages: Turkish
Vendor Tags: Dubbingaudio description
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Soler Kotil
CEO / Owner
+90 541 442 94 20

Ibrahim Yapıcı
Head of International Operations
+90 533 654 30 34

Videofilm Israel (Ramat-Gan, Israel)

Videofilm Israel

Videofilm International founded in 1988 has provided subtitling, translation and dubbing services for films and TV shows for a variety of clients in Israel and worldwide including significant distributors. Our services meet international standards. The goal of the company’s founders was to put to use their vast experience in innovative technologies in the Post Production field. Today, Videofilm International is a critical player in the subtitling and dubbing industry in Israel and has achieved international recognition worldwide.

Among our services are Dubbing, Voice-over, ADR, Mixing and Mastering, Subtitling, Quality Control, DVD, and Blu-ray authoring, Digital Cinema Package creation, Transcoding, Digital transfers. Our main languages are Hebrew, Russian and Arabic for subtitling and dubbing.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Silver
Eligible Languages: Hebrew
Vendor Tags: Dubbinghebrew
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Ami Bachar
General Manager
+97 25 4442 4949

Irit Torem
Operation Manager
+97 25 4480 3823

VSI Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

VSI Istanbul

VSI Istanbul provides Turkish dubbing, mixing and subtitling services to major international clients from its facility on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.  Combining high-quality with efficient delivery, VSI Istanbul has launched several channels in Turkey for leading television networks and reversioned Oscar-winning features. It provides some of the most prominent names in broadcast and VOD with dubbing for all genres, whether they be animated series, dramas or documentaries.  Our experienced Istanbul team is particularly well-respected for maintaining reliability and high standards in a challenging market.      

VSI Istanbul works closely with the VSI Group’s studios worldwide to deliver consistent, high-quality localized content to major broadcasters, OTT platforms, and content providers in multiple languages. Headquartered in London, and with a unique network of 22 owned facilities in the world’s key media hubs, the VSI Group prides itself on both its global reach and its local expertise, managing complex multi-language projects with a proven track record of award-winning quality and reliability. In addition to dubbing and subtitling, VSI provides every conceivable ancillary service, including centralized mixing, access and creative services, graphics and media processing.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Bronze
Eligible Languages: Turkish
Vendor Tags: Dubbingturkish
Regions: Middle East
Sales Contact:

Özlem Özbay       
Country Manager
+90 0533 563 92 82

Esra Ilgat 
Head of Localisation
+90 0538 238 78 70