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Deluxe Audio Services (Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Deluxe Audio Services

With greater scale, experience, expertise and global footprint than any other company, Deluxe's gold-standard products and services are used by content creators, broadcasters, OTTs and distributors of all sizes, all around the world. Deluxe’s team of creative talent provides a full range of audio post services, including recording, mix, sound design, restoration, QC, and editorial. Whatever your needs, Deluxe has your solution.

Service Types: Master Quality Control M&E QC Rating:Bronze
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Andy Manidis
SVP, Global Client Strategy
1 818-427-8799

Chris Bryant
Account Director, Client Services
1 323 605 6305 

Inventure Studios (North Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Inventure Studios

Inventure Studios is a leading provider of post-production services for film, television and streaming content offering proven end-to-end solutions for both large and small-scale workflows.

Our specialties include Sound Mixing in both Theatrical and Nearfield Dolby Atmos, ADR, Foreign Dubbed Recording, and formal QC / Servicing of all audio deliverable formats.
Led by a team with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we not only navigate the ever-changing post-production requirements, but strive to create efficient systems to improve the workflow and the overall client experience.

As an independent post house, we pride ourselves on our commitment to detail and on direct, personal connections with each client. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality content while efficiently meeting demanding schedules.

Service Types: Creative Post Sound Rating:Bronze Master Quality Control M&E QC Rating:Bronze
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Chris Page
Co-Founder & CEO

Jon Seifert
Co-Founder & CFO