LS Productions

LS Productions was founded in 1991 and quickly became the leading dubbing company in the Czech and Slovak territory. Since then we have been working for all the major studios as well as many independent film houses. We are proud to be the company standing behind the Czech version of such great movie series as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and tons of famous animated films. We have created more than 230 theatrical dubbed films and countless Czech versions for home video entertainment (including local sound mixing). Our team of highly skilled translators, directors, sound engineers and voice actors is dedicated to keep and carry on the tradition of high quality Czech dubbing.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Bronze Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications.
Eligible Languages: Czech
Regions: Europe
Sales Contact:

Jakub Sitar
Managing Director
+420 777 768 641