Level 3 Post

Level 3 Post fuses personal service, top talent and state-of-the-art technology to provide advanced, comprehensive post production services for the TV industry. By offering the convenience of a one-stop shop and staying on the cutting edge of the industry’s technological advances, Level 3 Post has what it takes to meet any challenge head-on.

Specializing in episodic television and linking to Deluxe's other facilities and services, Level 3 Post’s repertoire includes sitcoms, one-hour dramatic television and reality-based programs. Level 3 also offers an extensive suite of both ultra high-definition (4K/UHD) and high-definition (HD) services, including non-linear editing, compositing, titles, graphics, duplication and correction-correction. Talented artists that are among the best in the industry ensure Level 3 Post’s clientele is both loyal and satisfied.

Service Types: Creative Post Picture Rating:Gold
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Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Stephanie Rezentes
Managing Director
818 840 7180

Lori Jones
VP, Sales
323 988 6608