IYUNO Indonesia

IYUNO provides a wide range of top-quality post-production services for high-profile broadcasters and media companies worldwide. Among 14 well-established international locations, IYUNO owns and operates state-of-the-art dubbing studios in 7 different countries. 

With over 16 years of experience in post-production, IYUNO offers comprehensive, end-to-end services including translation, adaption, dubbing, audio description, mixing, mastering, compliance editing, subtitling, captioning, and creative services.

Accompanied by a strong and dedicated team of in-house engineers, IYUNO has become a leading innovator in the post-production industry. By practicing our belief of making technology the backbone of our work, we are able to accommodate the different requests of our clients promptly and efficiently.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Silver
Eligible Languages: Indonesian
Vendor Tags: IndonesianDubbing
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Andy Ferdian
Managing Director Indonesia
+62 8 78 7042 5551

IYUNO Media Group
Director of Global Operations
+82 2 516 6747