IMAGICA Lab. has been around for 80 years since it was established in Japan as the first commercial film laboratory, where it has grown to become one of the world’s leading digital post-production companies with multiple offices and facilities throughout Japan and a post-production studio in the premise of Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor, Malaysia.

For many years, IMAGICA Lab. has been the market leader in Japan for film, television, and commercial video areas and has long-standing relationship with major studios, content owners, content creators, and broadcasters. In the field of VOD, we offer all kinds of services include transcoding, translation, subtitling, digital archiving and asset management. Specialists of quality control team are keeping delivery files high-quality and our secure network deliver your files safely.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications. Audio Description Rating:Gold A narrative audio track that describes visual details on-screen that are necessary for the comprehension of the blind and visually impaired community. Creative Post Picture Rating:Silver Creative Post Sound Rating:Bronze Master Quality Control Pre-QC Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Asset QC Rating:Gold
Eligible Languages: Japanese
IMF SDR/HDR Approved: Yes
Snowball Approved: Yes
Vendor Tags: Post-productionEditorialDubbingaudio descriptionMaster QCJapanesesoundpicturecreative Post
Regions: Asia Pacific
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Tadashi Aota
General Manager, Sales Promotion Department, Digital Media Division
+81 3 3280 7560

Ryoko Ishizawa
Sales Promotion Department, Digital Media Division
+81 3 3280 7579