International Digital Centre, Inc

With business acumen achieved from over 25 successful years in business, IDC maintains a stellar reputation as an industry leader and trend setter providing great service and in fulfilling client's needs.

As an established leader in the craft of Digital Distribution, Captioning, Subtitling, File Based Delivery, Storage, Media & Encoding Services, Audio, Post Production, and Metadata Management; IDC provides an unsurpassed balance of both legacy and state of the art equipment to provide full capability for all standards, formats, & frame rates as well as delivery via Aspera, SmartJog, Signiant, etc. to ensure timely and accurate delivery for any of your streaming, transfer, or cloud storage needs. IDC is offers superior video content analysis and QC services featuring Aurora, Baton, & Cerify among others. Focused on forward thinking, progressive modalities, and creative development; edit rooms and production spaces at IDC are a highly sought after commodity in NYC Post Production circles for those seeking an outside or local presence.

With experienced engineers, client based focus, and brilliant time tested leadership; it’s not surprising that esteemed clientele such as content owners, distributors, broadcast networks, Hollywood studios, etc. continue to seek out IDC for their most high profile projects.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications. Audio Description Rating:Gold A narrative audio track that describes visual details on-screen that are necessary for the comprehension of the blind and visually impaired community. Dubbing Live Action Rating:Gold
Eligible Languages: English (US)
IMF SDR Approved: Yes
English Dialogue List: Yes
Vendor Tags: audio descriptionenglish
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Scott Carroll
Sales & Project Management

Eric Wickstrom
Audio Description & Post Producer