IYUNO provides a wide range of top-quality post-production services for high-profile broadcasters and media companies worldwide. Among 15 well-established international locations, IYUNO owns and operates state-of-the-art dubbing studios in 8 different countries.       

With over 17 years of experience in post-production, IYUNO offers comprehensive, end-to-end services including subtitling, captioning, dubbing, audio description, mastering, compliance editing, artwork and creative services. Our creative post sound service includes Foley, SFX, M&E creation, Dolby certified Atmos Home, and Atmos Theatrical Mix. We also offer creative post picture service that is Dolby vision certified, and it includes DIT, DI, and color grading up to 8K. 

Accompanied by a strong and dedicated team of in-house engineers, IYUNO has become a leading innovator in the post-production industry. By practicing our belief of making technology the backbone of our work, we can accommodate the different requests of our clients promptly and efficiently.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications. Audio Description Rating:Gold A narrative audio track that describes visual details on-screen that are necessary for the comprehension of the blind and visually impaired community. Creative Post Picture Rating:Silver Creative Post Sound Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Pre-QC Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Asset QC Rating:Gold
Eligible Languages: Korean
IMF SDR/HDR Approved: Yes
Dubbing Global Project Management: Yes
Vendor Tags: Dubbingkorean
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Betty Cho, Managing Director
+82 10-9244-4296

IYUNO Media Group, Directors of Global Operations
+82 2-516-6747