Ezenhall Taiwan

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Ezenhall also has office branches in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, with dubbing services covering Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Burmese. With our global network, we offer a complete range of services to localize projects.

We work with professional translators, editors and voice actors from around the world to ensure high-quality performances and can meet any sound acting requirements to represent diverse role types by giving them distinctive characteristics and personalities.

Ezenhall focuses on market mainstream animation and the gaming industry. Besides continuously improving recording equipment and mixing technology, we are developing a voice acting school to implement the cultivation of sound performance and to maintain our advantageous leading position in the field. By integrating world cultures and breaking language barriers, Ezenhall is creating a global audio-visual entertainment industry without borders.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Bronze Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications.
Eligible Languages: Chinese Taiwanese
Vendor Tags: Dubbingchinese traditional
Regions: Asia Pacific
Sales Contact:

Ann Shih
Manager of Foreign Language Department
+88 6 2274 87658

Evans Kuo
Project Manager
+88 6 2274 87658