Deluxe Encore Vancouver

Situated in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Encore specializes in delivering customized, quality services for episodic and long form television, feature films, and commercials. The company provides a wide range of file-based post production services, including HDR mastering, 4K/8K workflows, in-facility and near-set dailies and master QC, along with high-caliber visual effects. 

An entertainment industry leader since 1985, we’ve deftly navigated major technology transitions within post production to emerge as pioneers in file-based workflows, high resolution pipeline development, and HDR.

Armed with a powerful technical infrastructure and production-proven expertise, our talented creative teams deliver top tier color, editing, dailies and VFX for deadline-driven projects, while remaining agile enough to anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of our studio partners.

Part of global industry leader Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, and with sister offices in Hollywood, London and New York, all fully integrated, the Encore team further ensures a top-level experience across locations. 

Service Types: Creative Post Picture Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Pre-QC Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Asset QC Rating:Gold
IMF SDR/HDR Approved: Yes
Snowball Approved: Yes
Vendor Tags: Master QC
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Suzanne Thompson
VP Sales
604 872 6560

James Cowan
General Manager 
604 872 6557