Founded in 1907 in the early days of cinema, Eclair is a historic, innovative and respected company in the motion picture and television industries

Eclair is a leading provider on Content Services for Producers, Distributors, VOD & SVOD Platforms and Broadcasters. As a subsidiary of Ymagis Group, Eclair has a European foothold with Facilities in the main countries.

Eclair is a One-Stop-Shop, providing services in Post-Production, Versioning & Accessibility, Media processing & QC, Restoration and Preservation

Our unrivaled teams of creative talents and experts are dedicated to your content from the outset through each creative step of the cinema, TV and all audiovisual process.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Silver Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications. Audio Description Rating:Silver A narrative audio track that describes visual details on-screen that are necessary for the comprehension of the blind and visually impaired community.
Eligible Languages: French (Parisian)
IMF SDR Approved: Yes
Vendor Tags: Dubbingaudio descriptionMaster QCfrench parisian
Regions: Europe
Sales Contact:

Serge Sepulcre
Sales Director
+33 6 08 87 95 00

Alexandre Jacob
Sales Manager
+33 6 75 79 01 47