DW Agentura

Dubbing, audio postproduction – we handle the entire process, starting with script translation and adaptation We work with the best dubbing actors. We can cope with short deadlines and all kinds of language versions, including more exotic languages. In addition, we mediate the buying of all rights to the use of a work. At present we have two recording studios, each designed for both 2.0 stereo audio mixes and 5.1. In future we plan to build a new 5.1 recording and mixing studio in neighboring premises. We also handle audio and video postproduction for short TV and advertising films. We support non-profit and charity projects. We can also produce and shoot corporate and documentary videos (films).

Subtitle production – we use the EZTitles program. We can produce subtitles in all possible formats. We have a team of translators, subtitle writers and language editors, and we also hire specialist advisers for specific projects. We subtitle in Czech and Slovak, but we can produce subtitles in other languages as well.

Our studios are located in Holešovice district in the wider center of Prague, which has recently undergone rapid development, with many advertising agencies and postproduction studios moving in. We have recently invested considerable sums in modernizing our data network. We use our own cloud repository for data transfer. Our network is now perfectly secure, with no external access and safe from all external threats.
All internal staff and external collaborators are bound by non-disclosure agreements, including stiff penalties for violations.

Service Types: Dubbing Rating:Gold Creative and operational resources to guide dub creation from translation to delivery that have met Netflix technical specifications.
Eligible Languages: Czech
Regions: Europe
Sales Contact:

Daniel Walter
Managing Director
+420 776 724 022

Dušan Walter
Executive Director
+420 776 724 022