DOT was founded in 2010 to provide excellence in post-production services.

Always working with cutting edge systems and the best artists in Brazil, DOT offers up to 4K HDR ACES pipeline to the most demanding projects in Brazil's vibrant audiovisual market, including features, documentaries, TV series and spots.

Our services list includes: Color Grading SDR / HDR, VFX, s3D, Mastering, deliverables, Quality Control, Archives, Workflow Management, DCP Dailies Pipeline, and Digital Lab.

Service Types: Creative Post Picture Rating:Bronze
IMF SDR Approved: Yes
Snowball Approved: Yes
Regions: Latin America
Sales Contact:

Magali Wistefelt
Sales Manager
+55 11 4327 0024

Jose Francisco Da Silva Neto
+55 11 9 6100 6100