About NP3

The Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) collaborates with post-production partners globally to ensure that the millions of Netflix member's viewing experiences are nothing short of exceptional. NP3’s focus includes language dubbing, audio descriptive services, master quality control, and post-production partners supporting Netflix-commissioned workflows.

The Post Partnerships & Integrations (PPI) team at Netflix utilizes a rigorous and precise certification program to certify Master QC vendors, post-production labs and dubbing studios to ensure that the strict benchmarks ranging from technical competency to customer service and security requirements are upheld. After achieving these measures, partners are badged as a NP3.

Excellence is paramount to remain active in the program and assessments are made based on various key performance indicators. The PPI team invests heavily in the NP3 program through dedicated operational and onboarding support, creative outreach events & training, to ensure our partners' success in supporting Netflix standards and workflows.

NP3 partners will gain quantitative benefits as part of the program through continued training opportunities to partner guidelines.


  • NP3 badge and marketing visibility
  • Dedicated engineering and manufacturing support
  • Exclusive events and training
  • Partner engagement and regular updates
  • Dedicated business and escalation contact 


  • Key performance metrics
  • Scope of work
  • SLA requirements
  • Service deliverables
  • Agreed and published rates