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For 3rd i, Quality Control is not the mechanical task of checking boxes on a report, rather it is the art of combining a state of total awareness with the expertise to recognize technical and subjective issues which may distract viewers from their enjoyment of Home Entertainment content.

In addition to their over 25-year reputation for real-time Master-Level Source QC, 3rd i pioneered physical disc quality control by shepherding the catalog launches of Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

At their facility in Culver City, 3rd i has the capability to perform quality assurance evaluations for digital releases, including 4K/UHD material, as well as verification of Digital Cinema Packages, Blu-ray, and DVD releases.

With their legacy of creating the niche industry of third-party quality control for home entertainment, coupled with their commitment to technology on the forefront of the Home Entertainment industry, 3rd i is passionately dedicated to protecting their partners’ investments and maximizing consumer enjoyment by ensuring a frustration-free end-user experience.

Service Types: Master Quality Control Pre-QC Rating:Gold Master Quality Control Asset QC Rating:Gold
IMF SDR Approved: Yes
Vendor Tags: Master QC
Regions: US & Canada
Sales Contact:

Al Limon
Founder and CEO
310.258.9444 x105

Kathy Blake
Source and Digital File Account Director
310.258.9444 x112